Tips and Techniques

Power Nap Meditation Apps

There’s an App for That! There are several apps out there that can help you with power napping, or mindfulness and guided meditation training. Pziz is a a pretty cool app for helping you take a nap. The app generates ambient soundscapes that are great for falling asleep. You also have the option of having […]

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How Do You Take a Proper Afternoon Nap?

Basic and Advanced Nap Techniques One that leaves you feeling revitalized and productive afterwards — instead of one where it feels like a truck hit you! I’ve got five big things to share with you, ranging from basic nap techniques to more advanced stuff and some tools, and even an app that can help you […]

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Power Nap

Boost Your Productivity with a Power Nap

The surrealist painter, Salvador Dali, had an interesting hack for coming up with creative new ideas. In the afternoon, he would sit in his chair with one arm draped over the side of that chair holding a key. Beneath that key, there was an upside down plate. He would let himself drift off until just […]

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